Friday, November 17, 2006

More entertainment from friends

One of my dear friends, CSM continues to amaze me with new completely unexpected faux pas almost on a daily basis.
I know that sounds quite difficult to achieve, but our man believes in aiming-to-amaze, frequently.

The latest two which he managed to pull off:

A colleague - BDD from Delhi was asking him about aquariums 'cos our man CSM knows quite a bit about them. Now, the reason this guy was asking CSM was that he, BDD wanted to gift it to his wife (also a colleague) and it was supposed to be a surprise.
What does CSM do right after the call? You guessed it ! He has called the wife for a few reports, and manages to blabber this nugget of information.

Scene post the story: CSM is holding his head, the rest of us are laughing our heads off. I don't really know what poor BDD is doing, though images of him gashing his teeth and pulling out his hair do spring to mind.

Scene II
Now this is something which is a classic even by his standards, so I may not be able to post anything to beat this. When I say not, I mean at least in the near future, give him time and he will come up with something to top this too.

Setting: CSM is staying over at his in-laws place, with his wife and her mom, generally chatting about life. At this point he decides to pack-up for the next day and proceeds to carry his clothes from living-room to bedroom.
After packing the clothes, he comes out and sees that both the ladies are in splits, which obviously stumps him (a fairly common occurrence, trust me).

Some time later
EXIT mom-in-law ear door right, with a stitch in her side from laughing so hard.

Next scene: focus on couch, where we see the poor wife and her dear hubby.
After moms exit, the wife reveals the cause of merriment. The man, while carting out the clothes inside has managed to drop a packet of rubber (with a very graphic picture on top), almost right at his mom-in-laws feet, which had led to the merriment.

Next scene: CSM has hit the bed in a rush, while clamorous laughter continues to emanate from the living-room.

Breakfast the next day was not exactly a very comfortable affair for the lady and her son-in-law.

I will be continuing the saga as and when such interesting tit-bits have to be shared.

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