Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back after a Looooooong Break........

hulo people,

its good to back after a very long time, though am sure that a lot of people will disagree with that.

have been generally busy doing absolutely nothing of value.

Changed jobs, attented my friends wedding in the Garden city, (Banguluru for the uninitiated)

The only excitement in the past three months took place at aforementioned friends reception, when he managed to contract chicken-pox ON the day of his reception. All this time we thought such stuff happens only in books and movies based on those books. But, no !!!

Apparently fact is stranger than fiction.

The best part was the fact that we had been partying with the man, just the previous night.
So, the entire bunch of twenty was making frantic calls to doctors and treating any minor itch as the harbinger of a plague. Only after second and third opinions, of doctors telling us that nothing could be done AFTER the contact, everybody got completely fatalistic and settled down to hoping for atleast a ten day break with a valid (honest) excuse. But then, LIFE, the lady with a terrific sense of humour decided, "nah, not now !" forcing all of us to get our respective backsides to office.

The dude did have a reception at Banglore, but managed to stay clear of any communicable diseases. (He's a bawa, but since thats also non-contagious...)

Besides this, have been reading a bit, but will leave that for a later date.

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Zubin said...

Hey! I got chicken pox a couple of days before my reception, it was just diagnosed ON the day of the reception :-P

BTW, now that everyone who reads this is going to be laughing, wait till I make a post about YOUR recent exploits ;-)