Thursday, November 16, 2006

How does somebody justify this ?

Today, a slightly serious topic which has been bothering me for a couple of days.

During a "peaceful procession" in Amravati, to protest the killing of a family, the protestors indulged in arson.

So far it sounds bad, but get this :
"Incidents of arson were reported from all parts of Amravati city, with the mob torching a water tanker and a police jeep, and smashing the fire brigade tenders " .

Do the leaders of this protest realise the kind of risk they are exposing the entire city to? Especially with the kind of time the Indian administration takes to replace those tenders?

The best part of the entire drama was actually played out the next day.. with the right Hon. Home minister of Maharashtra Mr. R R Patil saying "prepared to consider the proposal to provide arms and weapons to Dalits for self-defence"
Complete article:

How exactly Mr Patil plans to prevent them being mis-used is completely beside the point , I guess.

The issue may seem trivialised, as I'm not exactly helping by making any constructive suggestions, but arming some people who have gone and burnt public-property seems oh-so-not-the-right-way.

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