Monday, March 27, 2006

Really bad one... read at your own risk !

After getting a lot of positive feedback about my Bad Joke saga (one vaguely positive comment !), I've decided to honour the readers to more of the classy, subtle humour which will be a hallmark of this blog.

Enjoy !

A recently arrived Sardar in the US , wanting to earn some money, decides to become a 'handy-man' and starts looking for some work in an upmarket colony nearby.

He goes to the front door of the nearest houseand asks the owner, another Indian, if he had any odd jobs for him to do.

"Well, you can paint my porch," the owner says. The Sardar responds, "How about $50?"
The owner says "Fine - there's a can of brown paint and brushes in the garage."

The owner's wife, inside the house, overhearing the conversation says to her husband, "Does he realise that the porch goes all around the house? That's a whole day's job"
The man replies, "He should; he was standing on it. Do you think he's dumb?" "No, I don't think so. I guess I'm just influenced by those stupid Surd email jokes we keep receiving."

A short time later, the Sardar comes to the door and asks for the $ 50."

You've finished already?" the husband asks."Yes," he replies, "and there was paint left over, so I gave it two coats." Impressed, the man reaches into his pocket for the money and hands it to him.

And by the way," the Turbanator adds, "it's not a Porch, it's a BMW !"


Zubin said...

A mother had three virgin daughters. They were all getting married within a short period. Because mom was a bit worried about how their Sex life would get started, she made them all promise to send from the honeymoon with a few words on how marital sex felt!

The first girl wrote from Hawaii two days after the wedding. The card said nothing but "Nescafe" !

Mom was puzzled at first, but then went to her kitchen and got out the Nescafe jar. It said: "Good till the last drop." Mom blushed, but was pleased for her daughter.

The second girl sent the card from Vermont a week after the wedding and it read: "Rothmans". Mom now went straight to her husbands cigarettes, and she read from the pack "Extra long, King size" She was again slightly embarrassed but still happy for her daughters.

The third girl left for her honeymoon to Cape town. Mom waited for a week, nothing. Another week went by still nothing. The after a whole month, a card finally arrived. Written on it with shaky hand-writing were the words "South African Airways". Mom took out her latest YOU magazine, flipped through the pages fearing the worst and finally found the ad for SAA. The Ad said: " Ten times a day, seven days a week, both ways"

MOM fainted!

CreditAdviser said...

I wonder if it's a true story. Looks like that! Quite funny.