Friday, December 18, 2009

Please fill in the Form in CAPITAL Letters

Heard something which reminds me about the bureaucracy which our parents must've faced. Late night show on 101, All India Radios special entertainment channel Vividh Bharati.

The host, (which the kids nowadays call an RJ) was instructing the aam juntaa on how to send in requests for the "Aap Ki Farmaaish" program. After he'd given the mail id, as well as the format, he added: "Yaad rakhiye, aapke e-mails capital letters mein hi hone chaiye" ROFL!!! Priceless.

Honestly, how does it matter if the mail is in capital or small print, and more importantly, wouldn't it be really irritating to read it in all-caps. (IRRITATING TO READ IN ALL-CAPS) see? :)

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